Scentwork & Tracking for Pet Dogs


A dog’s sense of smell is as fascinating as it is powerful. For example, did you know that some studies suggest that a dog can smell a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water? Man has been utilising this sense of smell for thousands of years, as a hunting partner and more recently for missing people, drugs, bombs, and even medical detection.

In the world of pet dogs, there is a growing trend to utilise this incredible skill for sport, recreation and even as an aid to behaviour modification. There are now several organisations/associations across the country offering various learning and competition criteria for pet dogs.  As a member of, and certified instructor for several of these, I can help you navigate the differences and help choose a training path that best suits you, your dog and your goals, whether that be serious competition, a fun game for rainy days or anything in between.


Scentwork (or sometimes nosework) can be used as a ‘catch all’ term to refer to any activity utilising the dog’s nose, be it tracking, trailing or scent detection but most commonly it is used specifically to refer to the latter, which is described here.

The purpose of our Scentwork (detection) classes and workshops is teach your dog to search for, and indicate on a hidden odour, whether in aroom, on a vehicle or in an outdoor area.

Scentwork is scent-sational

In the operational world, you might liken this to a police dog searching for drugs, however, our pet dogs search for something slightly more mundane such as clove, Kong, or various oils, depending on your goals.

Scentwork is great fun for dogs and their people alike and once you’ve got the basics it’s a scent-sational (pun intended, sorry) way to enjoy an afternoon at home or add something extra to your daily walks.


Ollie and I really enjoyed this session at Charles Burrell Centre last night. I’ve been trying to find something that’ll get his brain working whilst being low impact due to his hip issue which ...


Hi Phil, Summer and I really enjoyed our
introduction to scent work on Monday Evening. You presented the class well,
explained clearly what we needed to do and why and answered all the question
that w...


....We have then had a great time with all of the activities Phil has given us to complete both at the classes and at home and with excellent targeted feedback from Phil we have made incredible pro...



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Pauline Tyson

06 August 2021

06 August


I have a very active, intelligent 2 year old spaniel cross and knew she needed something to occupy her mind. But I had no idea of the extent to which scentwork ...
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Cathy Chambers

15 July 2021

15 July


We attended the 6 week beginners scent class. Our dog Roy is very inquisitive and reactive with balls & wildlife - so it’s not always easy getting his attention...
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